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Click Here to download Cisco’s Smart Business Guide (PDF)

How prepared are you to take the next step in your environment? To learn more click here.

IDC has worked with Cisco to create the Smart Business Roadmap Discovery Guide, a solution-selling framework based on industry and channel business practices. It is designed to help sales professionals identify customers' business issues and develop technology plans to address their immediate concerns while creating plans for future implementations. The Discovery Guide offers a series of questions that identifies and qualifies each customer's primary business pain point(s). Click below to download the guide.  
Part I Customer Discovery Guide
Part II Solutions Recommondations Guide
At some point, you saw something no one else did. Maybe it was an idea. Maybe it was an opportunity. Whatever it was, it’s how you’ve come to join the millions of small to medium-sized businesses in the world today. Click below to download the guide.  

Cisco’s Smart Business Guide


Join top Security Executives for this unique opportunity to hear from one of the country's leading experts on Digital Asset Protection strategies! David Stelzl has traveled the world speaking with top Executives on bringing to life the concepts of information security, systems, networks, and relevant IT/Business solutions. This discussion has been delivered to organizations around the world, exposing the reasons why data is not safe and what to do about it...
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Secure Business Advisor is a customer education tool that assesses a customer’s security posture from both a business impact and technical perspective. Learn More >>

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