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Whether you are just upgrading your old Cisco switch or are installing a complete new network ICE may be your best source for networking products. We ask questions and make sure you get the right product at a good price.

ICE can help you achieve a high-performance network by evaluating your current network performance levels and configurations, identifying anomalies, and making recommendations to help you use your network equipment at optimal performance and capacity. In addition, the performance optimization process can help you reduce the complexity of gathering, analyzing, and prioritizing the importance of device log messages and configuration information for critical network devices by recording normal network baselines and identifying key variables to watch.

Why ICE Network Services?

  • ICE employs trained and certified professional system engineers with qualifications including Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP).
  • Our experience and expertise means that your network can be more efficient, reliable, and secure.
  • Your business has its own unique requirements. We want to make your information systems work for your business and we make sure we understand your needs.
Some of our Performance Optimizing Services

Design and Infrastructure Evaluation
Many networks in small to medium size businesses have evolved from very simple collections of hubs and switches and cannot meet the needs of today's applications and security issues. We can carefully look at your organizations needs and identify weak points in your systems and design improvements.

Performance Tuning
Poor network performance can often be improved tremendously by careful analysis of network traffic and proper configuration tuning.

Detailed Troubleshooting
If you are having trouble with your network it is often difficult to isolate the problem. We have many years of experience and training in finding network problems and fixing them. Using the best tools to monitor and sample network traffic we will find the cause of most network problems quickly.


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