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If your business needs expert network services but can't justify hiring the trained and experienced system engineers you need, you may be a candidate for ICE's engineering services.  ICE can manage your network and keep it working optimally.  Our engineers can fit into your organization as integral members of your team, know your needs, and make sure your systems keep up with your company.

ICE Outsourcing advantages

  • Our engineers are highly trained and experienced.  You benefit from their knowledge of a wide range of network situations.
  • We can be available as much or as little as needed to meet your needs.
  • ICE will become part of your team, working with the people in your organization to learn about your company goals and challenges and managing your network to be a key asset of the organization.

ICE as your network engineering staff

Ongoing network management
ICE can become your technology expert and take responsibility for the week to week health and operation of your network.  We become a key part of your team.  Our engineers have qualifications including Cisco Certified Network Professional,  Cisco Certified Design Professional, Cisco Certified Security Professional, and INFOSEC Professional.
Special projects
If you have special projects that will overload your staff we can help carry the extra load and offer additional needed expertise.
Backup to your key employees
When your staff needs to be away for vacation or training ICE can take over and keep your systems running like normal.

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