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Whether you are just upgrading your old Cisco switch or are installing a complete new network ICE may be your best source for networking products. We ask questions and make sure you get the right product at a good price.

How secure is your company's critical information? What is the cost to your business if your systems are unavailable for hours or even days? Securing your systems can be a daunting task. ICE is a Cisco VPN/Security Specialized Partner. We have the experience and training to assure that your network complies with accepted best practices in design, configuration, and policies.

How ICE Security Services can improve your network security

• ICE employs trained and certified professional system engineers with qualifications including Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) and the National Security Agency (NSA) and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) INFOSEC Professional certification.

• Our experience and expertise means that your network can be better protected, more available, and secure. ICE uses PMI® project management methodology to assure that your implementation delivers the results you expect.

• Your business has its own unique requirements. We want to make your information systems have the right combination of protection and ease of access to data that your business needs.

ICE can provide several security services

Secure Network Design
ICE’s security specialists can assist in developing a strategy, plan, and design, including detailed network diagrams and sample configurations that allow for easy integration into your environment. As part of this process, ICE will review your organization’s security goals and provides an in-depth analysis of the technical, procedural, and resource requirements for a customized security deployment that meets these goals.

Secure Network Implementation
Beginning with a good security design, ICE will plan your implementation to include minimal disruption of services and good testing to assure that systems work as expected. Once installed configurations will be tested and then tuned for best performance.

Virtual Private Networks
If you have more than one office, or need a secure link to a vendor or customer a Virtual Private Network connection may be appropriate. Do you need a secure remote connection to your office so that employees can access important information when out of the office? ICE can properly design and deploy your VPN connection with proper authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Vulnerability Evaluations
Keeping your network secure is a process that continues as systems evolve and attacks become more innovative. ICE security specialists can perform tests of your network's vulnerabilities and recommend corrective actions. These tests should be performed periodically to keep your network as safe as possible.

Security Policy Development and Implementation
Creating and implementing a good security policy is often overlooked because you never have time to stop the day to day work on the systems. ICE can evaluate your needs, determine what policies fit your business and then create a policy and an implementation plan. If needed we can perform much of the implementation for you.


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